"Restoring Art Education
for Future Generations"

We are not a public, private, or charter school.
We are classes for creative homeschool people.
8:30 am to 2:00 pm “For a completely immersive
historical experience.”
Drop - off your student with us one or two days a week.
Poet, Writer, Artist, Explorer Day THINKER - Someone who exercises the mind.
Offered Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
Enrichment, Presentation, Application Day DOER - Someone who does; performs or excites; an active person, an achiever.

We are transforming learning through the power of making!

We are a completely unique and independent program designed to encourage creativity and artistic development.

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Our mission is to:

"Restore art education for future generations."

We provide classes for creative students who are looking for a project-based education. PBL is a teaching method in which students engage in real-world projects. Your student will address a real-world problem, develop its solution, and present their answer using the skills they acquire.

This is achieved by guiding students to accomplish a creative goal.

Our main-course project is to write and illustrate a volume of History. In it, your student can record their insights about the nature of the human experience.


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Fall 2021-2022 Registration opens March 15th 9:00 am
We are integrating a new registration system and have several SPRING 2021 (current) grade levels for our "THY EXPERIENCE" classes that are sold out. Please email jaymefrassett@gmail.com before registering online to confirm availability in your students grade.
Please refrain from coming to campus to drop-off your students until after you receive confirmation of enrollment. We will send you a link to enroll in our security system. Watch for the link to the Pro-Care App.
Your students safety is our highest priority.  

The prices noted for the SPRING 2021 courses below are the prorated amounts due for the rest of the year. When registering choose the payment plan if you would like to apply your charter payments to your account. Register for Current Courses here!

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Fall 2021-Spring 2022
Status Course Date Time Fee
Open Tax-Deductible Donation
  • Apr 12, 2021 - Jun 5, 2021
  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
$1.00 (USD) Book
Open OLIVER! Tickets
  • Jun 2, 2021 - Jun 2, 2021
  • 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
$10.00 (USD) Book