"Using the Joy of Making Art
to Teach Every Subject"

We are encouraging academic success through engaging the power of doing!

We are a unique and independent program designed to encourage creativity and artistic development while enhancing academic success!
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Our mission is to:

"Restore art education for future generations."

We provide classes for creative students who are looking for a project-based education. PBL is a teaching method in which students engage in real-world projects. Your student will address a real-world problem, develop its solution, and present their answer using the skills they acquire.

This is achieved by guiding students to accomplish an academic goal creatively.

Our main course project (goal) is to write and illustrate a History volume. In it, your student can record their insights about the nature of the human experience.

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Please call our Registrar before completing your registration to confirm there is space in your student's age group. (714) 620-9377

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: If your charter is paying for your classes later, please enter these coupon codes when you register:

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newceramics2024 (for "after school" ceramics classes)

afterschool2023 (for all other "after school" classes)


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Amazing teachers who care about the kids!

Amazing teachers who care about the kids and a great, safe campus!

Romy Godding

Masters of the Arts & Sciences

I also want to take the opportunity to let you know how impressed I am with the curriculum this year. We had so much fun studying for today and doing extra credit work. I cannot believe the organization and resources you provide us, parents, and we are going to take advantage of every possible opportunity with Terra Arts this year. I cannot believe my children get to study under such masters of the arts & sciences. We really, really appreciate all the time and effort that went into not only the curriculum but also making it accessible.

Tory Inloes