About Us

A project-based education.


At Terra Arts, we put a high value on practical skills and industry.

We teach real, not virtual skills. In our program, we present students with a daunting creative problem which many people are unlikely to attempt.

Students write and illustrate a book of their own every year.

We believe that the best type of education is based on the arts! Why save the arts as a reward if you can get through the drudgery of the school or work week? Why not look forward to getting up and doing school every day? Why not learn real skills?

in our program you will become an independent learner with these skills:

  • Comprehend and be able to discuss real books, stories, and poetry.
  • Recall history in a historical timeline.
  • Successfully draw the events and great leaders of the past.
  • Reproduce fine art using historical techniques
  • Appreciate the mind and philosophy of the times as you make copies of great masterpieces.
  • Learn geography through making maps of the historical places you study.
  • Experience the great principles of science as we learn about the creativity of the scientist and how her discoveries and inventions changed the world.
  • Write beautifully and truthfully.
  • Play games from around the world, make crafts and cook historical recipes.
  • Gain confidence and poise through theatrical performance, music, and costume.

In the real world, these are the skills that are valued. The people with these skills are influencers and world leaders. After all, ART INFLUENCES EVERYTHING.

According to the 2021 Otis College of Art & Design Creative Industry Report, the entire creative economy of California is 650 billion, with 2.7 million jobs.

The real reward for excellence in the arts is not the fake and ambiguous system of grades; it is the personal satisfaction of achieving mastery as well as the financial rewards that excellence provides.

Thanks to the Generous Support of:

First Presbyterian Church of Westminster
Kling Family Foundation
Vicki Gumm
Donalyn Kling
James Swinden – Irvine Art Museum