Human Anatomy with Sculpting and Drawing

In 2019-2020 by Esther Yardley

(6th grade -adult)

with Chapman Hamborg

Fridays // 8:30 – 10:30

In this fun and enlightening course, students will discover the complex forms of the human body as they learn to sculpt and draw the bones and muscles. Anatomy and proportion will be covered as your student gains confidence, using graphite pencil and clay. Students will spend the first semester learning to build an armature (the metal structure which holds the clay sculpture) and will sculpt the entire human skeleton. During the second semester, students will then sculpt all the muscles on top of the skeleton, learning the form and function of each muscle and its attachment points to the bones. Each week there will be reading and drawing homework on the subject that will be focused on that week in class.

$30 materials fee for armature materials and the oil-based clay that will be provided throughout the course.

Students must purchase a high-quality drawing sketchbook to draw their homework assignments in, and a few clay modeling tools so that students can work on their sculpture outside of the class time. (Chapman will recommend his favorite tools to work with on the first day of class.)

Mandatory reading curriculum: Figure Drawing – Design and Invention by Michael Hampton

Class Fee: $350 for a 15 week semester. This is a two-semester course


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with Chapman Hamborg

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  • Human Anatomy with Sculpture & Drawing
  • Portrait Painting & Drawing
  • Oil Painting & Drawing

Class cost for ALL THREE: $70.00 per week. Purchase books on your own or through your charter school.

$1050 per fifteen-week semester. This is a two-semester course.

FINE ART FRIDAYS SCHEDULE // 6th grade – adult

8:30 – 10:30 Human Anatomy with Sculpture & Drawing
10:40 – 12:40 Portrait Painting & Drawing
12:40 – 1:00 Lunch Break
1:00 – 3:30 Oil Painting & Drawing

All courses are designed to go for two semesters. The information builds in each semester and is not repeated. You are automatically enrolled in Spring semester if you registered for the Fall, and do not need to re-register or pay the registration fee again.

$50 Nonrefundable REGISTRATION FEE  holds your spot for ALL THREE until class starts on the week of September 9th, 2019.

You may pay via cash, PayPal or Charter School Purchase Order before the first day of class.

More info on Chapman Hamborg and his classes go to WWW.CHAPMANHAMBORG.COM/TEACHING



If you are in a charter school… Register on the website and then request the charter to send a Purchase Order. Please have your Charter issue a Purchase Order before the first day of class.

If you indicated on our website that you are a member of a charter and we have not received a purchase order, which reflects the total cost of the class, you must pay the remaining balance in full on or before the first day of class. Your student will not be allowed to attend on the first day if your tuition is not paid by either a PO, cash or check. Your student will be sent home on the first day if payment is not received in full. 

The Registration Fee goes directly to the Internet Technical Team which maintains our website, keeps track of all the registrations, and gives each teacher a roll sheet. This fee cannot be covered by your instructional funds from your charter school. If you do not register and pay the registration fee, you will surprise the teacher on the first day of class, and the course may be sold out. The purchase order from your charter does not give us any contact information for you, tell us specifically which class you wanted, or include the signed Terms and Conditions document. The fee also causes potential students to consider which courses they need carefully, prevents spots being held unnecessarily, and gives the teachers accurate information from which to plan their classes. The registration fee is not deductible from the tuition.

Drop Policy: After classes have begun, you may only drop the course if you have withdrawn from your charter. You are responsible for your student's balance for the semester whether or not your student attends.