Thy American Experience DOER DAY- 2022/2023
Week: Dates: Table of Contents READ AT HOME BEFORE CLASS
1 Week of 9/12 Little House in the Big Woods Little House in the Big Woods, Winter Days & Winter Nights
2 Week of 9/19 The Long Rifle, Christmas
3 Week of 9/26 Sundays, Two Big Bears
4 Week of 10/3 Field Trip to Rileys Farm – FARM LIFE 10/7 The Sugar Snow, Dance at Grandpa’s NO CLASS ON CAMPUS
5 Week of 10/10 Going to Town, Summertime
6 Week of 10/17 Harvest, The Wonderful Machine
7 Week of 10/24 The Deer in the Woods
8 Week of 10/31 Little House on the Prairie Going West, Crossing the Creek
9 Week of 11/7 Camp on the High Prairie, Prairie Day
10 Week of 11/14 The House on the Prairie, Moving In
11 Week of 11/28 The Wolf Pack, Two Stout Doors
12 Week of 12/5 A Fire on the Hearth, A Roof and a Floor
13 Week of 12/12 Indians in the House, Fresh Water to Drink
14 Week of 1/9 Texas Longhorns, Indian Camp
15 Week of 1/16 Fever N’Ague, Fire in the Chimney
16 Week of 1/23 Pa Goes to Town, The Tall Indian
17 Week of 1/30 Texas Longhorns, Indian Camp
18 Week of 2/6 Mr. Edwards meets Santa Claus, A Scream in the Night
19 Week of 2/13 Indian Jamboree, Prairie Fire
20 Week of 2/27 Indian War Cry, Indians Ride Away
21 Week of 3/6 Soldiers, Going Out
22 Week of 3/13 On the Banks of Plum Creek The Door in the Ground, The House in the Ground
23 Week of 3/20 COLONIAL FAIRE SAT 3/25 Rushes and Flags, Deep Water NO CLASS MEETING
24 Week of 3/27 Strange Animal, Wreath of Roses
SPRING BREAK (2 weeks)
25 Week of 4/17 Ox on the Roof, Straw-Stack
26 Week of 4/24 Grasshopper Weather, Cattle in the Hay
27 Week of 5/1 5/5 – 6 MUSICAL REVIEW PERFORMANCE Runaway, The Christmas Horses
28 Week of 5/8 5/12 – 13 MUSICAL REVIEW PERFORMANCE A Merry Christmas, Spring Freshet
29 Week of 5/15 FIELD TRIP to Rileys Farm – Civil War May 18/19 The Footbridge, The Wonderful House NO CLASS ON CAMPUS
30 Week of 5/22 Moving In, The Old Crab