Terra is a community, and we want you to be the primary teacher for your children. We encourage you to teach your children to be self-governing individuals who can follow the rules, and we rely on you to enforce any necessary discipline for your students.

If your children are participating in our MY ART HISTORY EXPERIENCE class, you may leave campus. We will supervise your children. If students are in another class and are under 12, you may leave campus if the teacher has your current contact information. Please return on time. Students who are 12 years old or over and are enrolled in a series of classes may be left during the entire span of enrolled courses.

Students cannot be on the playground unsupervised. We reserve our playground for enrolled students and their siblings only, and only on the days of their enrollment.

The only exception to this is for those enrolled in “Thy ART HISTORY.” Our staff will supervise children in this program..