How to do a TERRA STYLE DAILY SCHEDULE with your students!

Throughout the world’s history, human children have needed at least ten or twelve years of education to prepare them for their future. This amounts to over 10,000 hours of prep for life.

What is the best use of these available hours? Should we prepare them to work in a factory by putting them in a school environment that resembles a 19th-century industrial revolution workplace? Factory owners required docile, agreeable workers who would show up on time and do what their managers told them. Sitting in a classroom all day with a teacher was good training for that. Early industrialists were instrumental, then, in creating and promoting universal education. Now that we are moving into a new era, it is worth reflecting on how best to prepare our children for their future.

If we could redesign the education system to accommodate today’s learner, wouldn’t we make the first subject of the day SELF GOVERNMENT? The ability to be an independent, self-regulating, self-determining person who exercises self-restraint and self-control.

Wouldn’t we give CREATIVITY a very high priority?

Wouldn’t we teach our students HOW TO LEARN and SET GOALS?

We would want our learners to become a MASTER at something that interests them and will sustain their interest for a lifetime.

Our project-based program presents our students with a daunting creative problem that their parents are unlikely to attempt. Elementary students write and illustrate a book of their own. They must practice self-government, structure their time to achieve a goal, and pursue their writing interests. They will work towards mastery in writing and art skills.

Our Book Club/Literature section of the course is perhaps the most important aspect of the program. Classic literature is important because it is another way to look at history, it will fill your students minds with the great stories of the major players of the period. In the book club session they will learn how to have a meaningful discussion and express their own opinions concerning the literature they are enjoying at home. Please ask them if they participated in class discussions and what they shared.

Homeschooling families also appreciate having a daily breakdown of their goals to achieve great things in just a few hours of instruction every day.

We designed this curriculum in a simple, beautiful, truthful way so that anyone who can read will know precisely what they’re supposed to do each day step by step. Together we will move mountains and achieve great things.

Your student will become a writer and illustrator of their volume of history, which includes timelines and includes their particular interests.

Your student will become a self-educated, self-governed person.

“Without a sign, his sword, the brave man draws and asks no omen, but his country’s cause. And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.”