Medieval Faire Flyer Spring 22

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2022 Medieval/Renaissance Fair at Terra Arts

April 2nd, 2022; SATURDAY

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 

Registered Doer Day Families attend for Free.

All others are $5 per family. Invite your friends to support your fellow students!


10:00 Opening – King leads Flag Ceremony
10:15 Battle of Hastings – group 1 Thursday sports class – Laura
10:30 Kindergarten Songs and Poetry Thursday & Friday class – Serenity, Jessy, Cheryl, and Laura
10:45 1st (Italy) Medieval song Cheryl and Laura
11:00 Battle of Hastings – group 2 Friday sports class Italy & France – Desmond
11:15 2nd (France) Medieval song Cheryl and Laura
11:30 Lion King Song Thursday group Cheryl and Laura
11:45 Battle of Hastings – group 3 Friday sports class Norway & China – Desmond
12:00 lunch lunch
12:15 Lion King song Friday group Cheryl and Laura
12:30 Knight at Dawn song Cheryl and Laura
12:45 Battle of Hastings – group 4 Friday sports class Spain – Desmond
1:00 Aladdin Song Cheryl and Laura
1:15 Maypole Dance groups 1 & 2 Laura and Desmond
1:30 Maypole Dance groups 3 & 4 Laura and Desmond
1:45 Costume Contest 
2:00 Closing

What is the Medieval Fair? The Medieval Fair is an outdoor living history arts and crafts fair.

We aim to recreate an English Market Fair in the 1360-1500s. Our vendors contribute to this illusion by playing the roles of town merchants. They are required to wear appropriate period costumes and decorate their booths accordingly. Detailed costume and booth recommendations are provided on request. We have a stage for entertainment, jousting, games, bounce houses, and various arts and crafts. 



All sales proceeds go to the students and their families.

Attendance is estimated at 450 people for this Medieval Fair.

Do you play an instrument or sing? (other than the piano)

Play for our fair!

Want to share your fantastic pet with the school?

We are planning a pet area!

We have two BOUNCE houses and a Jousting Arena! 

Bring your sketchbook for a display in the Apprenticeship classroom! 

Kindergarten will be performing songs from the Middle Ages

Every student will be in a MOCK BATTLE OF HASTINGS.

Your teachers will be attending as characters from THE STORY OF THE WORLD.

A portrait gallery will be on display in the GREAT HALL of Valhalla.

We are having a BEST HOMEMADE by a STUDENT Costume Contest! Your parents and family members can help you make it! The Prize is a sewing machine!

Please have your family come in costume. Costumes from the Arabian Nights are appropriate and easy to come by in a Thrift Store. If you can not afford them, we have several to lend. Contact Kim for ideas.

Is my craft suited for a Medieval Fair BOOTH? 

Intending to recreate a 14th – 16th-century market, we strive to keep all arts and crafts within the medieval/’Renaissance theme. We strongly prefer that you or your immediate employees make all arts and crafts. We will still consider your application if you sell imports as part of your inventory. However, preference will be given to vendors who produce their items for sale. This is a juried fair, and each application will pass through a selection committee who rates vendor products based on several factors, including, but not limited to, and in no implied order of importance: 

  • Conformance to the 14th-16th century fair theme 
  • Handcrafted items or art 
  • Artisans who demonstrate their craft at the Fair 
  • quality of artistry and unique product offerings 
  • Adherence to costuming and booth decoration guidelines 


The following products are prohibited: 

Replica guns 

Plastic items such as commercially produced products one may find in a flea market 

Commercially produced import items will be permitted only if the Selection Jury deems them especially relevant to the European medieval period or reenactors. They will not create unfair competition with similar handcrafted items. 

The final decision on all vendor items permissible for sale will reside with the Medieval Fair Coordinator. 


Artisan, Food, and Game Vendors: Submit completed application, No application fee for registered students and their immediate family. Only registered Terra Families may participate as vendors. 


Information, Rules, and Procedures 

Rules, Regulations, and Procedures Submission of an application to Medieval Fair constitute an entrant to the Rules, Regulations, and Procedures, as outlined in this document. 

Participation in the Fair is at the sole discretion of the Administration of Terra Arts.

No Smoking. Participants will be allowed to smoke ONLY in parking lots. This will be enforced without exception. 

No Alcohol. 

PETTING ZOO Participants:

Leash Law: All pets must always be on a leash or in a cage or kennel. Pets may not be left unattended or unsupervised at any time. It is illegal to leave an unattended cat or dog tethered. 



No retail, commercially produced, manufactured, or flea market items may be sold unless explicitly approved by the Terra Administration. Other unacceptable items include anything made of plastic, toys, shields, or swords that are not crafted by the vendor or immediate employees thereof. 


One booth per application. One primary responsible party per booth. Suppose multiple artisans are selling under one booth. You may apply on the same application, but each artist must be listed in the “Made By’ column of the “Products or Services” details section of the application. 


The Medieval Fair reserves the right to limit the number of vendors selling specific crafts or foods. 


The Fair will try to honor special requests or requirements, such as location, but no guarantees can be made. 


The Fair is committed to making its programs accessible to persons with disabilities. For services based on disability, please indicate so on your application. 


The Fair provides no overnight security. You must arrive early to set up your booth on the day of the event. However, all vendors participate at their own risk to themselves or their property. Terra Arts assumes no liability for damage, loss, or theft. 


Artisan participants may set up their booth or tent on Friday before the Fair, only AFTER picking up their check-in packets. Staff will be available to assist you in finding your location, if needed, but are not available for carrying equipment, setting up tables booths, or performing other tasks related to the setup. 


Participants MAY NOT trim or cut trees, or affix signage, rain flys, tent ropes, or other items to trees by any method. Holes may be dug for posts and stakes, but these must be removed after the Fair, and the holes must be refilled. 


Artisans must provide their booth or tent display materials. Food vendors must provide all equipment necessary for foodservice in adherence to Health Department regulations. 


Terra Arts reserves the right to inspect all tents and structures for proper anchoring, safety hazards, or other violations. Any action deemed necessary by our administration will be done immediately and at the vendor’s expense. 

Vendor’s goods MUST be removed after the Fair closes at 2:00 p.m. 


No participant will move a booth to another site or location without the express permission of the Medieval Fair Coordinator. All structures, ropes, supports, signage, displays, or other items may not exceed the boundaries of the assigned space. 


Booth address must be displayed in clear sight at all times. You will be issued a card with your assigned space number during check-in. 


Each participant’s booth shall remain open and operating during the full extent of Fair hours each day, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 2nd. Food concessions must remain open with adequate available food stock during all Fair hours of operation. 


There is no overnight camping at the church without advance special permission from the Medieval Fair Coordinator.


There will be no parking of vendor vehicles on CHURCH CAMPUS during Fair operation hours. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUNDS AND MAIN ROADS BY 10:00 a.m. 


BE PREPARED AND BRING A HAND CART! VENDORS MUST PARK on side streets after setup to allow parking for our guests. 

Participants will use the assigned site to demonstrate and sell only those items listed on the initial application and approved by the Fair. Any additions or substitutions must be submitted to the Selection Jury for review before opening the Fair. Any items not listed on the application or work that falls below the quality represented on the application shall be removed from sale at the discretion of the Medieval Fair Coordinator. Refusal to comply may result in expulsion from the Fair with no refund or compensation of any kind. 


The distribution of any printed materials shall be subject to the prior written approval of the Fair. No printed materials may be placed on vehicles. 


Participants must conduct themselves with good manners and polite, professional conduct. 


Participant sites shall always be maintained in a clean and orderly fashion. Trash items must be taken to the available dumpsters and NOT placed in public trash barrels. Cardboard MUST be flattened and taken to the dumpster, NOT put in a trash can.


No student is allowed to possess a weapon at a school function. Therefore, no weapons may be sold to primary or secondary students of ANY age who may be attending the Fair with a school. 


If you are selling real weapons, you must post a sign at your booth stating that no weapons will be sold to minors.  


ALL customers must present identification verifying age. 


ALL weapons sold to patrons MUST be packaged, and instructions given that the packaging MUST NOT be removed at the Fair. 

Inform all customers that, per Fair policy, all weapons are required to be peace tied and sheathed and may not be drawn at any time for any purpose. 


Food Vendors: 

To reduce the amount of trash and preserve the beauty of our campus, no individually packaged condiments may be used. Condiments must be served from bulk containers at your site. 

The Fair reserves the right to limit duplicates of food items. Vendors are responsible for keeping the area surrounding their booth clean and free of the trash. Vendors must use dumpsters for trash disposal and recycling trailers for flattened cardboard disposal. 

DO NOT use the public trash barrels. 

DO NOT pour oil or other cooking liquids on the grounds, trees, or in the sewage drain. 

Gray water must be contained and hauled to a proper disposal site or as needed. It may NOT be dumped on the grounds or in a sewage drain. 

For safety reasons, food vendor employees may wear an Apron instead of a costume. 


VENDORS, in addition to your sales merchandise PLEASE BRING:


A POP UP if you have one even if you think you won’t need it. (To share if needed)

A CASH BOX with plenty of change.


TEXT the coordinator, Kim Frassett with any needed corrections. 714 847 5771


Map of Medieval Faire