Terra Arts is a non-profit which provides classes for creative students to learn with project based lessons.

Moongoat Coffee Shop has partnered with us in teaching our entrepreneurship students they are capable of creating artwork others would buy!

On Thursday and Friday's we have students ranging in age from first to eighth grade who have been guided through the process of creating and pricing their own works of art. Part of the learning process is to find out how valuable their creation is to the consumer, and to have the real life lesson that comes with finding the right price. 

Each year we theme our classes, and this year our theme is Medieval, so much of the artwork on the walls is inspired by the illuminated manuscripts created during the Middle Ages. Please feel free to explore our website to find out more about us!  

If you are interested in purchasing a students artwork, feel free to check the price listed on the back, and be prepared to see how much each student thinks their time and effort is worth! If you agree with that price, bring it up to the counter and purchase it at MoonGoat Garden Grove!