ATTENTION: Parents and other concerned readers: This curriculum is non-sectarian, as required in a public-funded school setting. Many are justifiably concerned about the critical place religion plays in a history curriculum. It is our objective to set your mind at rest as we assure you that we are committed to sensitively instructing your student on the beliefs of the major historical players in the formation of Thy Foundations of Liberty without practicing any religious rituals that violate your own parental freedom to teach your children in matters of faith. 

“Can schools really teach about religion? It is a common perception that schools are not allowed to teach about religion, but students have been studying religions’ role in the historical, cultural, literary, and social development of the US and the world for decades. In today’s world, increasing the understanding of world religions has never been more important. Teaching students about religion in an objective, balanced and factual manner has been incorporated into California History-Social Science (HSS) Content Standards since 1998 and is also part of the new HSS Framework.” 

  • Quote from the National Education Association website.