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Performing Arts 

This course supplements THY ANCIENT EXPERIENCE. Through their exposure to the historical events, mythology, and culture of the ancient world during the week, students become familiar with important themes in classic literature. Theatre allows students to explore these classic characters and storylines from a different perspective to bring them to life on stage. Students begin to see literature, not just as words on a page, but living characters, each with their own story to tell. As actors, students are challenged to step out of their comfort zones and into the shoes of another to explore the personalities, traits, styles, and stories of others, to form real characters from scripts. They learn the concepts of stage presence, physical movement, voice control, character development, rehearsal techniques (including improvisation), self-discipline, teamwork/collaboration and have the opportunity to build their confidence.
This course also explores the background and off-stage elements of theatre productions with opportunities for students to participate in set design, costume design, lighting/sound, and stage management. Students will produce two fully-staged theatrical productions each school year.

Little Performers K - 2nd Grade will have a their own performance.

Cheryl Thomas and Laura Thomas

Spanish with Art
This course is designed for beginning students with little to no previous knowledge or exposure to Spanish. Students will be introduced to the sound system and will engage in lots of speaking. The focus will be on developing skills in the areas of listening, speaking, basic reading, and writing. Students will create a Spanish dictionary, filled with their own drawings and vocabulary words. We will also translate stories into illustrated Spanish books. 


Kate Hamborg

Fine Arts of California History

We will learn California history as we make artistic renditions of the Gold Rush, art of Disney, Golden Gate Bridge, state symbols, California Impressionism, missions and Hollywood movie posters. 

Tiffany Smaglick

Creative Writing

A course designed to connect history with creative writing and thinking. Your student will be exposed to a creative and out of the box perspective of thinking to understand the relevant events of history. We will cover writing, journaling, poetry, letter writing and such. 

Katrina Munoz



Registration Fee $75 per student

$66 per week, $220 per month, $1,980 per academic year


Registration Fee $75 per student

$33 per week, $110 per month, $990 per academic year

Purchase books on your own or through your charter school.

This course meets for 30 sessions over a nine-month academic calendar. 


*Students attending only half day drop off are welcome to arrive early or stay late to attend lunch*