The Rules

for ALL Explorers of the Planet Terra



All commanders, captains, and officers shall be solemn, orderly, and reverently respected by all explorers.

The property, ships, and buildings are to be treated with respect.

Respect your teachers and fellow classmates and do not interrupt, talk while they are talking, disrupt the other explorers, walk out of class without permission or speak to your neighbor while an officer is talking.


All officers and all explorers, and all persons in or belonging to vessels of EXPLORATION, being guilty of profane oaths, cursings, annoying behavior, uncleanness, or other scandalous actions, in disrespect of their own honor, and corruption of good manners, shall incur such punishment as listed below.

First Offense:

COMMUNICATION with your esteemed parents, who entrusted you to our care and proper upbringing, to help you correct your behavior.

Second Offense:

After being warned by officers, as well as parents, and still offending, the convicted explorer will be compelled to walk the plank.  (Immediate removal from the TERRA experience for the day. Time to go home!)

Third Offense:

The offender must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to class for three weeks.


If any explorer in our esteemed company shall turn in forged homework, take other explorers' personal property or go through their duffle bags, they will be subject to an immediate report to their parents. Spies keep secrets. Do not keep secrets. You are required to inform the commander in chief, or his commanding officer if you believe there may be a spy in our company.


If any letter or message, spoken or written, from any classmate or another person, enemy or rebel, be given to any other person which offends the recipient, they shall inform an officer immediately. If any explorer strikes or touches another in a way that hurts or offends they will be subject to a call home. All spies, bullies or persons of bad manners or persons who write or deliver letters or messages from any enemy or rebel, or offend or annoy another shall be subject to a call home.


No person traveling with us shall trade or gamble with an enemy or friend for money, food, treasure, or any other thing whatsoever, directly or indirectly. No explorer may sell or trade his or her lunch.  No person shall bring any food to share, sell or otherwise attempt to feed any other explorer.


No cell phones or other communication devices, unless kept in the personal duffle bag can be on campus. These may not be brought out at lunchtime. Other electronic games/equipment or personal items such as trading cards, headsets, etc. should not be brought to class.  When discovered they will be confiscated until the end of the day.

All other crimes not mentioned but which annoy or distress any of the captains or officers committed by any person or persons exploring the world with TERRA, which are not mentioned in this act, or for which no punishment is mentioned here shall be punished by the laws and customs in such cases used at sea.


No person shall be found in our fleet of EXPLORATION dressed as an evil lawbreaking pirate.  Those persons shall be compelled to change their attire immediately. No crew member may bring a weapon, a skateboard, or a living animal on campus.  Crew members must not climb nor vandalize the trees.