Terra Arts Team

Meet the Team

Kimberly J. Frassett

CEO & Founder


In 1985, Kim Frassett began an innovative art education program in her garage in Huntington Beach, California. She began to teach her own children art lessons that...

Cheryl Schultze

Tk/ Kinder Teacher

Cheryl Schultze was born and raised in Southern California and earned her Associate of Arts Degree from Long Beach City College and her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from...

Chapman Hamborg

Fine Arts Teacher


Chapman Hamborg grew up in Huntington Beach, California, where he was homeschooled with his four brothers. This allowed him to pursue his passion for creativity early on, encouraging him to practice art...

Amanda Knox

Science Teacher


Born and raised in Orange County, Amanda spent her summers at the seashore, in the mountains, and across the desserts, which sparked an appreciation and respect for nature...

Jayme Frassett

Geography/ Cultures Teacher

Business Manager

Jayme Frassett is an avid traveler and homeschool mother. Because she grew up in the homeschool community, she understands the homeschool student and their desire for a deeper...

Esther Yardley

History with Art Teacher

Web Content Manager

Esther grew up in a home which discouraged boredom at any cost; learning wasn’t a necessity to tolerate, but enjoy. Her parents discovered Kim Frassett’s revolutionary curriculum...

Serenity Hanna

Literature Teacher


Serenity Hanna is a lifelong bookworm, a homeschool graduate, and now a homeschool mom.  As an alumnus of Biola Academics’ Torrey Academy Program, she developed a love for...

Cheryl Thomas

Theater Director

Cheryl was born in NYC and she and her family moved to Hollywood when she was 5, and then to South Pasadena where she graduated from high school. She studied music and child ...

Laura Thomas

Dance / Choreography Teacher


Laura grew up in Orange County and spent much of her childhood surrounded by music, dance, sports, and art. She spent her summers in theater productions, art camps...

Kate Hamborg

Science and Art Teacher


Originally from North Carolina, Senora Hamborg attended The College of Charleston where she obtained her BA in Spanish. While in school, she studied abroad in Costa Rica where she really...

Kendall Franklin

Kendall Franklin

Playground Supervisor

Raised in a homeschool family with a knack for art, Kendall is a welcome addition to our team. Currently studying at OCC, she brings a positive attitude every day, and works hard to ensure a job well done.