Alexis Orgill

Alexis Orgill, MA

Alexis was born and raised in Arcadia, CA but recently moved to Huntington Beach where she completed her Master’s of Education in Early Childhood Education.

She spends her free time with friends and family, hiking in the mountains, running by the beach, crafting, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. Alexis has enjoyed traveling around the world, studying abroad, and road tripping through the beautiful United States. Though she cherishes the cultures and experiences she gained traveling overseas, she is enthralled by America’s beauty! She is excited to share her experiences exploring our country in her Geography class!

After various teaching experiences in LA county and OC schools, Alexis came to find that the best form of education is one that combines project based learning, enthusiasm from both the teacher and parents, and the development of traditional academic skills. She is excited to join our team at Terra Arts where she will teach Geography on Thinker Days and Kindergarten on Doer days!