Andie Overholt

Andie grew up in Orange County and has always had an interest in art. She is one of four children who her parents homeschooled, which gave them the freedom to learn and pursue their individual interests. One of her youngest memories is pretending her fingers were paint brushes as she painted everything around her. She spent her schooling years taking art classes and always having a new craft project going in every medium she could get her hands on. 
She took some college classes in early childhood development and art history, but ultimately ended up going to Bible college in England where she spent several years. Upon returning, she took a year-long program focusing on Media Arts, which led her to a career in graphic design. Intertwined with being a graphic designer, she had opportunities to teach art and craft workshops, which fostered the desire to help others to explore and use their creativity. 
Fast forward to today, She is excited to bring all of these life experiences into a teaching career as she teaches Kindergarten art. Andie is passionate about cultivating creativity in children, and by teaching them the skills and basics of art, she knows that throughout the year their imaginations and creativity will soar!