Angie Rummell

In by Esther Yardley

Angie Brummell

Angie Rummell

Angie was born in Los Angeles, but spent the first six years of her life in Cameroon, Africa. Her earliest and fondest memories are playing with her pet monkey and of her mother reading her books and teaching her how to read and write. From a young age, she learned from both parents the value of education, grit, celebrating cultural diversity, enjoying creation and savoring all life has to offer. 


Her favorite pastime is trying out new coffee shops in search of the perfect chai latte and being outdoors, especially running and hiking.

She has her Bachelors in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Teacher Education from The Masters University and prior to moving out to Anaheim was working in the Arts program at the Boys and Girls Club of Newhall. 


She’s thrilled to be part of the Terra Arts team and is excited to make learning fun and enjoyable for her students as well as witness them embrace their uniqueness and grow in creativity.