Cheryl Thomas BS

In by Esther Yardley


Cheryl Thomas, B.S.c.

Cheryl was born in NYC and she and her family moved to Hollywood when she was 5, and then to South Pasadena where she graduated from high school. She studied music and child development in college. She grew up with lots of art and creative writing projects, music lessons, and the love of singing! She also loved animals; she had a dog named Susy Bell, a salamander, a tortoise, turtles, mice, a rabbit, and a horse named Sweetheart.


Cheryl met her husband David in college and they have 3 wonderful children and 6 grandchildren.


Cheryl has an extensive background as a music artist, teacher and director. She is also a singer and songwriter with albums for children and adults. Many of her songs have been used nationally and internationally.


She is an author and director of four original musicals, and stories for children. She has been an actress in several productions including Anne of Green Gables, The Story of Corrie Ten Boom, and others.


Cheryl loves to help others develop their gifts and talents and has taught music (guitar, ukulele, piano, voice, songwriting, mentoring creatives), and drama for many years in the home school community and other schools and organizations.

Being both a script writer, songwriter, director, and actress.-she has been on both sides of the musical production process.

Cheryl is so happy to be working with the amazing students at Terra Arts along with her daughter Laura! She loves working together to bring to life the wonderful theater productions at Terra Arts!