Katrina Munoz

In by Esther Yardley


Katrina Munoz

Katrina Munoz is a married mother of four beautiful children.

Katrina is the daughter of a story teller. From her earliest memory she recalls waiting with baited breathe for the evening routine. To gather with siblings and hear her father wrap thrilling narratives around historical truths. Little did she know then,  but that yearning would set her on a path for a successful career in education. 

Kristina has taught language arts for 14 years and then left public education to teach her children in the way she expertly knows: through story. 

We are mutually honored and excited to have Katrina as a part of the staff at Terra Arts and teach history through her imaginative perspectives. As a faculty member Katrina is dedicated "To make history feel alive and do what I was born to do: teach.".