Renee Lefebvre

In by Esther Yardley


Renee Lefebvre

Born and raised in Southern California, Renee has always had a love and appreciation for art and creativity. Her favorite childhood memories revolve around painting, drawing, crafts, cooking & photography. 

Renee is a wife and mom of two teenage boys. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family & friends, riding bikes, beach days, nature hikes, floral design, photography, reading and creating art. 

While she’s devoted much of her career to business development, she has continued to volunteer with a focus on the arts as often as she could. She’s served in various roles with Art Masters, Art4Healing, Reflections, Boys & Girls Clubs and Memorial Healthcare. 

Renee is passionate about encouraging others through creativity. She will be Co-Teaching with Mrs Rosanna Tan for the Arts & Crafts Class on Doer Days. She considers it a privilege to spend time each week with the children of Terra Arts and is excited to be a part of the Team.