A COLLAGE of Language Arts, Fine Arts & Performing Arts

*there will be the option to attend in person or take the course virtually until further notice*

This course meets for 30 sessions over a nine-month academic calendar. 

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Friday is split into two categories: Language Arts/Fine Arts and Performing Arts (Abbreviated to LAFAPA).
If your student is in TK-2nd, have them experience all the subjects! Those in third grade and above can choose to join our cast or have a day of learning- read through the description to see what is the best fit for you.

Performing Arts

Calling all Terra Arts Theater students! 

We are very excited to announce our first semester ancient history plays:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 


You will learn ancient mythological history through these creative scripts and songs! This will be an important expansion of theater skills through the fun and comedic expression and genre of ancient history through the practice and performances of these musicals. This class and production will train each student in acting, singing, and choreography while learning the characterization of literature set in ancient history. All levels of experience are welcome to join!



A Midsummer Night’s Dream: 
A Musical Adaptation of the William Shakespeare Play
TK through 2nd Grade (Morning Session ONLY)

These students will be casted as the ensemble

3rd grade through 9th grade

Main characters and primary speaking roles will be given to the older students

Language Arts and Fine Arts

Spanish with Art

Kate Hamborg creatively weaves art into her teaching of the Spanish language, making class an interactive experience.

California Art History

Esther Yardley will be following a loose timeline of California history while focusing on the art that sets us apart as a state. Your student will walk away with a new appreciation for the place art has in California History.

Creative Writing

Learning to write well is necessary to excel in academics, yet it doesn't have to have to be met with drudgery. In this class we focus on how to bring written words to life.


Registration Fee $75 per student

$33 per week, $110 per month, $900 per academic year


Registration Fee $75 per student

$66 per week, $220 per month, $1980 per academic year


Purchase books on your own or through your charter school.



The Registration Fee holds your spot until September 15, 2020, when you must begin monthly payments or provide a purchase order from your charter school. Your registration fee can not be paid by instructional funds from your charter and is not refundable. If you do not register and pay the registration fee, you may be surprised to find that the class is sold out, and the teacher is not prepared for your student. A purchase order is not enough to consider yourself registered. The purchase order from your charter does not give us any contact information for you, tell us specifically which class you desire, or include the signed Terms and Conditions document. 

The fee also causes potential students to consider which courses they need carefully, prevents spots from being held unnecessarily, and gives the teacher accurate information from which to plan their classes. The registration fee is not deductible from the tuition.

DROP POLICY: Drops are accepted until October 16, 2020. After classes have begun, you may only drop the course if you have withdrawn from homeschooling or moved out of the area. You are responsible for your student's balance for the semester, whether or not your student attends. The course will be prorated for late enrollees. 


Our system does NOT hold your spot until payment is received.

Westminster Learning Center Location: Fridays

Course Begins: October 9, 2020