Thy Colonial Fair Is Happening Soon!

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Thy Colonial Fair Is Happening Soon!

DATE: March 25th, 2023 TIME: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

January 20, 2023 – Congratulations on the COMPLETION OF WEEK 15, we are halfway thru the school year! This is an update on your students’ progress in preparation for the fair and instructions on how to proceed.


“In our Entrepreneurship class all year we have been learning the basics of business and all about different colonial occupations. They also have been well versed in money math, economics, and that with hard work you take something small like a sunflower seed and turn it into something profitable and beautiful. Students will be creating their own businesses, in the form of a booth, displaying their talents and some of their favorite colonial skills they have learned throughout the year.”

Colonial Faire Rules and Application for booth participation is posted on our website and is due January 26 & 27, 2023.


Colonial Faire: Our elementary students will be performing a historical dance at the fair. Please work on a historical costume for your student to wear in their booth as well as the dance. Any character or costume from Pilgrims to Civil War will be appropriate.

Jr High are representing Colonial Era historical characters, so help them research the life, occupation, and costume of their character. Theatrics will be the talk of the day!

A best historical costume contest prize will be awarded for each boy and girl on each day and grade. Costume must be mostly constructed by the student and not store bought.

Home Arts…

Your student is discovering the creative process with home economics and hand crafts. Projects have included hands on exploration adventures with arts and crafts, hand sewing, and cooking. Many times, they have learned that it’s ok to make mistakes because doing something ‘wrong’ can direct you to a whole new idea.

Quilt Raffle: The students have been using their hand sewing skills to make a quilt for the Colonial Fair. You will have the opportunity to win this quilt when you buy raffle tickets. The funds raised from the raffle will go to improvements for the theater department. More information to come.


We welcome all parents, grandparents etc. to come volunteer in class. We invite anyone interested to come join in all the fun for any of the arts and crafts, hand sewing and cooking projects. Please sign up at the gate to volunteer.

Do you have any supplies for arts and crafts, fabric, yarn, or sewing to donate? We will put them to good use!

Cooking Contest:
We will hold a Blue-Ribbon Apple Pie Baking Contest at the Colonial Fair. There will be a prize. More information to come.

Contest Rules:

  • Only one entry per student
  • Entire entry must be made from scratch. No pre-packaged ingredients should be used. (ex. pie crust, premade mixes etc.). All ingredients and decorations must be edible.
  • Apple Pie recipe must include at least 60% apples in the filling or more
  • The whole Apple Pie must be presented for judging in a food safe disposable pie pan. All pans, dishes, plates are considered disposable and will not be returned.
  • The recipe for the pie and pie crust will be required to be handed in with the entry
  • There is no refrigeration available for the pies submitted
  • Apple pies will be judged on the following: flavor, filling, crust, creativity, and appearance

Colonial Sports and Games…

is planning to perform the epic story, The Bullet Proof George Washington at the Fair.

Creative Writing…

We are putting together an almanac in the style of Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac: with sayings, jokes, riddles. This will be printed and sold- the proceeds will go towards prizes for class competitions. Selected readings will be presented by student volunteers.

Watercolor of the National Parks…

Your student has been learning watercolor techniques while hearing about national parks and monuments across the United States of America. Many have been overjoyed to recognize landscapes from family travels and each student has been exposed to the beauty within our country.

We would love to show off your student’s work at the Colonial Faire! Bring a completed painting framed with your student’s name, age, and title on the back of the frame for easy reference. If they are interested in selling their work, be sure to add a price- any artwork without a price will be considered decor only.”


We will set up by our classroom door.

For our Kinder specific Activity, we will be hosting a donut eating contest!

With the help of a generous donor and skilled craftsman, we will construct a scaffold-like set up where we will dangle donuts for the kids to eat! YUM!

Our students will be able to decorate the donut stand during class and have a fun time preparing for their Faire booth!

We understand there are some allergies so if your child or their siblings have any allergies, we should be aware of, please send me an email at so we can offer alternatives!

Please be on the lookout for another newsletter identifying the types of donations we will be needing for this activity.

Fine Arts:

Our Jr. High and High School Doer Day students have been learning a variety of art skills and techniques, practicing in sculpture, oil paintings, watercolors and more. They are looking forward to presenting their art works in an art exhibition and sale at the Colonial Fair!

Other Important Dates & Events: