Experiencing the Life of the HUMAN's of THY ANCIENT WORLD


About This Course

Drop your student off one day a week to be immersed in this "Terra Style" (Project Based Learning) course. In 30 sessions, your student will address a real-world problem, develop its solution, and present their answer using the skills they acquire. PBL is the act of learning about different subjects simultaneously. This is achieved by guiding students to accomplish a creative goal. Our goal is to write and illustrate a volume of Ancient History, where the student can record their insights about the nature of the human experience.

  • History - Meet the crucial figures that move nations. Discover the beliefs, traditions, and passions that motivated those individuals.
  • Beginning Drawing - Our history is taught with art. Every student will master the skill of drawing. We start with beginning-level instruction for all grade levels.
  • Science - The natural world opens up to us as we discover the things the ancients knew. Astronomy, Anatomy, Agriculture are only the A's of our adventure.
  • Literature - Classical mythology from Egypt, Babylon, Greco-Roman and Early Christian cultures. Join us for Socratic discussion. 
  • Geography - We will learn the history of geographic discovery as well as games and crafts from around the world.
  • Fine Art - Ancient art is the foundation of all of art history, with its techniques, forms, and subject matter continuing to influence the art of today. You will make representative copies of great classical art in class.

The Human Craving for Communication: Cave Paintings
The Human Desire for Story: Gilgamesh
Humans Make Pictures into Words: First Writing
Humans Try to Understand the Natural World: Egyptian Gods
Humans Excel at Making Things: Architecture, Tools, Artwork
The Human Hunger for Eternal Life: An Egyptian Pyramid
Human Desire to be the Pack Leader: India, Mohenjo Daro
Humans Like Order: We Make Laws and Math, Hammurabi
Humans Love to be Served, But Not to Serve Others: The Hebrew Exodus from Egypt
Sometimes Human Families Experience Conflict: King Tut
Humans Defend Their Tribe: Celts In Europe.
Humans Work to Survive: Phoenician Traders
Humans are Competitive: The Greek Olympic Games
Humans Discover That Looking Strong Keeps You Safe: Rome; Romulus, and Remus
Humans Enjoy Entertainment: The Roman Coliseum
Humans Like to Travel to New Places: Ancient America
Humans Value Physical & Intellectual Excellence: Athens and Sparta
Human Passion for Inner Peace: India, Birthplace of Four Significant Religions
Some Humans Dream of World Domination: Cyrus The Great
Humans Love to Tell Stories: Greek & Roman Mythology
Humans Will Die for A Cause: The Spread of Democracy, Alexander The Great
Humans Love a Challenge: Hannibal Crosses the Alps
Humans Create Boundaries: Great Wall of China
Humans Realize That Their Rulers Are Not Divine: Julius Caesar.
The Human Love for Romance: Cleopatra & Julius Caesar, Cleopatra & Mark Antony
God Becomes Human: Christianity Rocks the Hellenic World
Humans Use Military Force to Bring Peace to the World: Pax Romana
The Human Compulsion to Rule the Conscience Of Others: Constantine the Great
The Human Thirst to Have What the Neighbors Have: Fall of Rome
Humans Either Hunker Down or Get Out of Town in The Bad Times: Byzantine Empire


REGISTRATION FEE: $75 per student, $50 for returning students 

TUITION: $57.00 per week, $190 per month, $1710 per academic year

This course meets at our learning center for 30 sessions over a nine-month academic calendar. 

Purchase books on your own or through your charter school.


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DROP POLICY: Drops are accepted until October 19, 2020. After classes have begun, you may only drop the course if you have withdrawn from homeschooling or moved out of the area. You are responsible for your student's balance for the semester, whether or not your student attends. The course will be prorated for late enrollees. 


Our system does NOT hold your spot until payment is received.

Westminster Location: Choose one day a week for 30 weeks

8:30 am to 2:00 pm (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday)

Course Begins: October 5, 2020

Second Semester begins February 23, 2021