TK Ancient Experience

Welcome to Thy Ancient Experience!

Learning about ancient history and culture is fun for kids of all ages, even the younger ones! Your TK & K learner will enjoy a Good Morning Welcome filled with singing and story time. Each week picture books will be read and discussed to spark a life-long interest in reading. Month by month we will enjoy seasons and their colors, holidays, and important people. Together we will count and sort and learn about shapes and colors, numbers and letters and calendars and clocks. Each week we will study a person, place, or thing that reflects our Ancient Timeline and a Science Idea of the day. We will learn about ancient culture and its customs and people through books, art, crafts, and games. This will be a day of hands-on fun where your student will have the opportunity to participate in science experiments, create a take-home craft, and learn about art from Miss Esther in her art room! Students will make new friends while enjoying lunch and outdoor recess together.

This class will compliment Thy Ancient Experience with a young learner focus.

If your student turns 5 by December 2nd you can enroll now! After 12/31/2020 you can wait until after their 5th birthday to join us!


Optional Supplies:

Story of The World: Volume One: Ancient Times. From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Empire. Written by Susan Wise Bauer.
Story of The World: Activity Book One: Ancient Times. From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Empire.

You may want one 2” 3 ring binder with 30 clear plastic insert sheets to hold your student’s work each week. It is a great way for them to see their progress and enjoy sharing their work with friends and family.

Materials Needed:

Each student should bring a lunch pail and a water bottle that they can open and close independently. Please send your child to school wearing shoes and socks and shorts under skirts/dresses. A list of the Ancient Characters and Topics to be studied, Science Ideas that will be explored, and Picture Books that will be introduced will be supplied to you on the first week of class for further study at home.