TK & Kinder Program

Welcome to Thy Age of Exploration for TK & Kindergarten!

Discover the World through the Art of the Age of Science and Exploration.

Thinker Day

Days: Offered Monday or Tuesday, or Wednesday

This is a project-based learning academic course. In this day's five classes, your student will create a project and illustrate a work of art about a historical person, place, or thing each week.

This course will address the Early Modern Timeline from 1400 to 1850 in Africa, China, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, and Central and South America.

This program is designed for a year of study; you may join us anytime, as space permits.

Hours: 8:30 am to 2:00 pm with supervised lunchtime and recess.

Classroom Skills - Alphabet, numbers & math, proper use of art & craft supplies
Early Modern History & Geography - Fine Art
Art in World Cultures – Project of the Week
Science - Marine Biology of the world's oceans.

TK - Kindergarten - ages 4 to 5 (must be 4 by September 1, 2023) use the restroom independently.

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full-size backpack with lunch & spill-proof water bottle inside.

Closed-toed shoes with socks.

NO required books or outside reading.

Kindergarten is $2000 per year for thirty weeks of one day a week and is a year-long commitment. This price includes all artist-grade art materials, supplies, and lesson plans.

There is a nonrefundable $75 registration fee per day and per student.

Thy Age of Exploration students are eager learners and fast friends!

Our TK & K class will follow along with the older grades as much as possible throughout the year. If you have a younger learner, whose older sibling(s) are also enrolled, they can listen in on the reading and you can lead them in any assignments that you think would be beneficial for them. Our history with art and projects will reflect what our older students are learning by introducing a historical person, place, thing, or idea that is similar but with a TK/K application. This year our science syllabus will dive deep into the world’s oceans and will cover what Mrs. Knox is teaching at a level that they can understand so they will be able to participate hands-on. It is our goal that Thy Age of Exploration lesson plans will reflect that of the older students but in a way that is mindful of the age and stage of our class. You can follow the Grade 1-8 homework schedule as much or as little as you choose.

We recognize that not all learners are pencil to paper ready and that is OK! Just have them turn in what they have completed for their reward and for encouragement. For those students who are just in the beginning stages, we are happy to scribe for them in their exact words so that they too can fully participate. We will also be implementing “Show & Share”. This is an opportunity for your student to bring something to show or a story or experience to share. You may want to purchase a 3-ring binder for you to keep at home to hold your child’s schoolwork, crafts, and artwork. You can create a book for your child that you feel best suits them! If you are looking for suggestions-just ask!

It is our hope your child has a great experience here at Terra Arts.

We believe Terra Arts is a great place to grow up!

Many of our youngest learners are attending a classroom for the first time. They need love, safety, acceptance, and an opportunity to learn through play.

Our TK & K students need a place to take their time, observe and join in the lessons when they are ready. We hope to foster learning through natural curiosity, interactive play, and friendship. By respecting the developmental needs of each student, we can help them gain independence by letting them take their time to try and try again.

We value process over product and believe in developing the whole child.

At Terra Arts, we do this by providing for their physical needs with indoor and outdoor free play, morning & noon recess on the field, PE games, lunch, and snacks from home.

We shape our lesson plans for the students we have each day to ensure that everyone can practice new academic skills and strengthen the abilities they have already learned.

We foster social skills by making friends, working in groups, taking turns, and giving presentations.

We encourage their emotional development by helping them learn to care for themselves in different situations.

Finally, we want to increase their understanding of the world around them through books, music, beautiful artwork, and sharing from home.

We value and respect each child’s family as the center of their growth and development.

It is a privilege to serve the community of Terra Arts in this way.